“If it was chocolate, he would eat himself,” says Tommy Docherty, who won an FA Cup for United in the 1970s.

Manchester United do not seem to care about their history. The voice has been raised by one of his coaches of the time before Ferguson. Tommy Docherty won an FA Cup for the Red Devils in the 1970s and has now published his memoirs, which is why he has given an interview to Glasgow Evening Times in which he criticizes the club and also the current coach.

“Mourinho is doing well, but if it was made of chocolate he would eat himself,” says Docherty, who tells the technician about the signing of Pogba. “Look at the money he spends.” Ferguson sold Pogba for a million and now they’ve paid 900 to get him back. “That’s a good deal, is not it?”

Mourinho’s character is not the only aspect of current United that irritates Docherty: “I do not go back to Old Trafford since three years ago I was charged 88 pounds for two innings.If I want to see a match in Manchester I call Mike Summerbee, City , Who is always attentive to me. ”

The courtesy of which Manchester United is lacking if it is exhibited by Chelsea, the other club – in addition to the selection of Scotland – to which Docherty trained. “For the last 18 years, Chelsea has sent me a Harrods Christmas basket that should cost £ 300. I go to Stamford Bridge four times a year.There are big clubs that act as such, others like small clubs” , Says the Scottish extrenador.

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