The English player does not apologize to the midfielder, but revenge. On December 11, Manchester United and Tottenham will face each other.

During the England-Spain encounter last night at Wembley, two Premier League players, one on each side, had a comeback. Tottenham player Eric Dier accused Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera of playing “dirty”. Dier complained of a nudge that gave him the Spanish footballer, but does not expect pardon, but revenge.

The Englishman said “It’s very clear what he did and I can feel it on my cheek right now. I know what he’s done and I do not like that sort of thing.” He says he’s used to the tough game, but thinks that that action went beyond the bounds of fair play: “I do not mind people kicking each other sometimes and stuff, but that was just dirty and unnecessary.”

That’s what Dier said: “I’ve made a pass and a long time later I’ve got a nudge in my face and I did not see why, it’s just ridiculous to me, those things happen, but to be honest, I do not know why. So he was angry. It was strange and not pleasant. ”

When asked if he expects an apology from the ‘red devils’ player, he said: “I do not need your apology. I’ll see you soon …”. In this way, the Tottenham player suggests that he will take the revenge by his hand, as his clubs will face next December 11.

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