Yaya Toure’s agent continues its war against the Catalan open coach: “It’s his revenge Pep smiles at you, makes you believe you’re his best friend and then stabs you.”.

There is no turning back. Seeing that the situation of the represented Yaya Toure does not improve, Dimitri Selçuk has pulled its arsenal to reload against Pep Guardiola taking advantage of a critical trend that has emerged in England after the heavy defeat of City at the Camp Nou (4-0) . Selçuk considers the current situation of Yaya Toure is a matter of revenge… “Guardiola imposes his ego above the interests of the club and tries to Yaya by pure revenge When he threw the Barcelona, ​​he criticized it’s personal, not professional. In summer I asked if he had Tuore and I said yes. But it has not. His plan was to humiliate him. and Yaya is not alone. they have been the same to Joe Hart and Samir Nasri, who are also two great professional. He does not want to work with men, wants to work with young people to control them. Pep smiles at you, makes you believe you’re his best friend and then stabs you, “he says in remarks by Mirror.

The agent also complains that Manchester City has not given any explanation of why Yaya did not enter the list of Champions and why the coach does not have him, “When Yaya was left off the list, I called Guardiola to ask his reasons, but never returned my call. I even tried calling Txiki, but I could not talk to him. I also have sent messages and call logs. So I do not think the club should criticize me for talking to the media, when they do not want to talk to me. Pep talk about respect. But to get respect, first you have to respect. ”

Selçuk even get to say that Guardiola preferred to lose against Manchester United in the EFL Cup, to swallow his pride and align Touré Yaya “Yaya Pep knew it was perfect to play against Manchester United. But rather than swallow his pride and ask Yaya to play, he preferred to lose the derby and knocked out. I do not think the City fans are happy with this. ”

On the future of Yaya, he said: “It’s not going to go in January. He is a great professional. It’s in perfect shape. I could play tomorrow. Has given everything for the City in seven years, he has made history here, like Hart or Nasri, and then have been well treated by Guardiola. Touré City should be ambassador when he retires, for all that he has given. But the man who now heads the team does not want to be remembered as a legend. If anyone deserves an apology is it, Guardiola and Sheikh Mansour “.

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