Preview:Werder Bremen – 1899 Hoffenheim (13.01.2018)

Werder Bremen – 1899 Hoffenheim – In the winter break these two teams left with a completely different mood, because Werder is again in trouble and in a position to lead the game for survival, while Hoffenheim with 11 points more in a position very close to the European . Prior to the break, Werder even raised his form and was only defeated once in the last four wins, and won the quarterfinals of the Cup. Hoffenheim had earlier dropped out of the Cup, as well as from the European League and in the previous three wins were defeated twice. In the first round this season, Hoffenheim was 1: 0 better than Werder, who scored the same result in the Cup.

Werder Bremen
They played Werder in the finals of the first part of the season and are confident they were not happy after the break, when they already got a good rhythm. It did not help them much when the placement was in question, but because they were desperately bad at the start of the championship, and only in the 12th round they won for the first time.
This triumph over Hannover marked the arrival of the better days and then they celebrated two more times, with a minimal defeat in Leverkusen and in the end with Mainz, when they dropped 2-0 lead and received another goal deep in the referee’s time off. The arrival of a new coach Kohfeld has also brought better games, and it should be said that the victory over Freiburg won the quarterfinals of the Cup. They did not bring reinforcements in the break and in relation to the last round, they returned to that midfielder Junuzovic and attacker M.Kruse.

1899 Hoffenheim
When Hoffenheim is concerned, it can be said that the first part of the season was unsuccessful. For the first time, this team played on three fronts, and it had to take the toll and in the end it turned out that in all the competitions they made it down. It was Werder who eliminated them from the Cup, and they were eliminated in the Group stage of the European League, after they had previously been defeated in the Champions League qualifiers. A large number of matches took power and championship, where they did not play close to last season.
They also had a series of four games without a win, and in the finals of the first part they played in the rhythm of victory and defeat with which they ended the fall part. It happened in Dortmund, where they took over Borussia, and ended 2: 1. In the break they left without first winger Wagner, who went to Bayern, but now leaves more room for Utha, who has already scored a lot of goals as a jocker from the bench. Damaged by Demirbay and Nad.Amiri will not play.

Werder Bremen – 1899 Hoffenheim TIP
If Werder kept the form from the end of the first part of the season, then this could be a very interesting duel, because Hoffenheim was also slightly consolidated, though weakened. Strange to Werder is that they have scored a few goals, but that could be fixed so that with an offensive approach we get a match with a lot of goals.