Preview:Minnesota Timberwolves- Sacramento Kings (12.02.2018)

One of the strongest teams on this season’s own floor, Minnesota Timberwolves, will meet one of the weakest teams in the league, the Sacramento Kings. Taking into account Timberwolves’ revenge for the last defeats, I do not expect the Kings to have a lot of chances in this game.
A very interesting statistic before this game is that the Sacramento team lost the last eight games they played on a Sunday. I know the surface seems a strange statistic, but what it signals is that the Sacramento team manages the extremely bad fatigue, which makes them play very easily. And this Minnesota game is going to be extremely tedious and difficult for them, that’s for sure, the pace of Timbwerwolves being extremely alert.
After the last two defeats, Minnesota should watch the win at any price in this game because they can not afford to lose matches that should win at this point of the season. They are a very strong team on their own parquet and are pretty sure they will be impressed in the night’s game after the last failures, because the Sacramento team is far from approaching their level of play at the moment.
Forecast: Minnesota Timberwolves – 9.5 points – odds 1.53