France – Belgium World Cup Semi Final 10 July 2018

France – Belgium. Group force, ticket to last act.

The first semifinal of this World Cup is that between France and Belgium, a duel scheduled at 21:00 on the stadium in Saint Petersburg. Both of them are doing extraordinary things at this Final Tournament and have the ability to conquer this trophy. The match will surely be extremely disputed, with the difference being tactical and physical, both Belgium and France having the stature needed to get into the air duels and the foul to go in high speed on the counter.
France’s Didier Deschamps has a duty to come back to Paris with the World Title, especially since two years ago, the

World Cup Semi Final Prediction France – Belgium

French lost to their home the European title that the entire nation believed to have in its pocket this national though inexperienced, young and ambitious. The French coach has done an excellent job by promoting such players as the future of this national team. France’s average age at this World Cup was 24 years, a fantastic thing if we think this generation can still be present at two Final Tournaments. In the group stage, France had no big problems encountering teams such as Australia, Peru or Denmark and trying as far as possible not to rock the engines so hard that they did not risk it. The really important match followed optimally against Argentina. This match was the most spectacular of this World, her score being 4-3 in favor of France, Mbappe, Pogba and Griezmann showing decisively on the score. The quarter-finals did not offer such a show, but showed how solid France is in both the defensive and the attacking area, and Uruguay has managed nothing more in this game.

The French have managed to score 2-0, and they are taking encouraging steps towards the semifinals where they will fight with Belgium. Didier Deschamps is aware that this match could very well be the Finals of this World Championship, this test being the most serious one so far. If they manage to have a match to play against both Argentina and Uruguay, the French will have a seat in the final. Umtiti is the only absence that may exist, and things are not entirely clear with the health of the player.

Expected team France: Hugo Lloris; Lucas Hernandez, Samuel Umtiti, Raphael Varane, Benjamin Pavard; Ngolo Kante, Paul Pogba; Blaise Matuidi, Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe; Olivier Giroud.
Belgium’s Roberto Martinez is in the best time since the launch of this Belgian federation project to make a highly competitive selection to succeed in a world or European championship. If a few years ago Marc Wilmots attempted to win such a competition, the fact that most of the players did not reach the maturity they needed, or the group was not so well connected, led to his dismissal and a new plan to reorganize this idea. And here’s how after two more years at the level of the group, at the players’ mind level comes the much-anticipated Russian Final Tournament where this Belgian national is perhaps considered the highest level of all time. This has been noticed in group games where Belgium has scrolled in front of selected teams such as Tunisia, Panama and even England, and the British have shown us too much chances in this selection.

However, things have changed completely with the step towards elimination phases. Things were bad for the Spanish coach in front of Japan who saw himself as eliminated in the 51st minute. Since that time, Belgium has shown its strength and managed to turn the score from 0-2 to 3-2, the grazing of the goal scored by Chadli in the last few seconds. The quarters offered a memorable match against Brazil, but not from the score of the game played by both bands. The Belgians managed to score a 2-1 score, highlighting the two essential features: strength and speed. Belgian defense and attack worked perfectly, the two compartments communicating perfectly along the game. Such an idea must also be addressed in the game against the French to hope for a much-anticipated final of the Belgian people. Hazard promises to fans that they will do everything to succeed. Meunier is the only one missing due to the yellow cards, but it is still a significant defeat in the defensive area.

Prediction France – Belgium

Europe will split in two this evening, Belgium and France being encouraged at the scene open to football fans. Betting houses are still favored by the French, and the reasons are not as solid as, to a large extent, the experience of Galician cockroaches is similar to that of the Belgian campers. The force of the group will matter decisively in this game, France being somewhat more united. However, Belgium has made that miraculous return to Japan, and this also tells the power of the group around Captain Hazard. It’s hard to anticipate a winner of a pre-selected one, the best one being the goal because both of them have a sensational attack that can surprise Courtouis and Lloris at any time.

Prediction Today: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.75
Prediction of the Day: 1 soloist
Odds: 2.50