Zverev  Alex vs Brown Dustin Tennis Tips 13/06/2019

Zverev  Alex vs Brown Dustin

Zverev  Alex vs Brown Dustin Tennis Tips 13/06/2019

Zverev  Alex vs Brown Dustin

Tennis moved from the clay to the grass, but the show stayed high. The tennis tournament on the grass in Stuttgart is one of the few on such a surface. The season on the grass is very short, and it will culminate with the Grand Slam tournament at Wimbledon that will start on July 1, 2019. German Dustin Brown vs Alex Zverev will meet in the finals of the tournament in Stuttgart. The match will be played on Thursday, June 13, 2019.

Alex Zverev is ranked fifth in the ATP standings

Alex Zverev played well for the second part of the clay season when he won the Geneva tournament and tried to move something in front of Djokovic in the quarter-finals at Roland Garros. Sasha has 1.98 m, it’s a “big server” and this is very important on the grass. His score on this surface is very good, 22-11, in the past years Zverev managed two finals at Halle in 2016 and 2017, in one of them being defeated by Roger Federer. Alex Zverev plays double in the Stuttgart tournament with his brother Misha, and this helps him refine his game of dude so efficient on fast surfaces.

Dustin Brown defeated Rafa Nadal twice

I was looking at the video below and I did not remember any other match where Rafa Nadal had been “humiliated” so loud he had been defeated so drastically. I know “humiliation” is a word too drastic for tennis, but that Halle match, in front of Dustin Brown, has made Rafa feel helpless. Dustin Brown is a virtuoso of tennis, he draws on the pitch almost unbelievable strikes, which really come close to the art of tennis. Beyond the dunk slam smash or the “short” miraculous returning to his land, Brown remains a bohemian. He invented the “blitz” tennis, he does not have the patience to engage in rallies of three or four strokes: either he comes to the bow to make a dick, or he tries to “short” or hit a flat-head forehand with the point or, of course, loses it. This erotic style took him far off the top 100 ATP and Dustin has played some challengers lately. But when it comes to the grassy season, Dustin is getting excited: he’s dreading dreads under a strange hat and starting at the scalp hunts of well-rated players. Like Zverev. With this extravagant style, he qualified on the Sturttgart painting and went into the first round of John Millman, the 56th ATP. Now he will play with Zverev, he likes it, he likes the challenges. I repeat, Rafa Nadal played two matches and won both of them: Halle in 2014 and Wimbledon in 2015. Dustin Brown is a true tennis magician, I say with a hand on my heart and eyes again on this video that, as a Nadal fan, I can not really swallow it.

Zverev  Alex vs Brown Dustin Picks

Zverev is favorite, but as long as Dustin is in good play, he will sell his skin in this match.

Prediction Today: 1

Odds: 1.29

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