Albania vs Iceland Betting Tips 10/09/2019

Albania vs Iceland

Albania coached by former Napoli coach Eddy Reja is now with one foot out of participating in the upcoming European Football Championships. The team is fourth in the group with a gap of six points on the second place in a group made up of: France, Albania, Andorra, Turkey, Moldova, and Iceland (precisely which team they will play against in the next round). In the last meeting valid for the qualifications, the Albanians lost 4-1 against France. The gap now seems too large to hope to recover it. The miracle done with the former CT De Biase seems unrepeatable. In the previous five games played, only two victories and three defeats arrived. In a group where no one has yet drawn.

Iceland coached by the Swedish CT Hamren comes from his third consecutive victory in these qualifiers. After the World Cup exploit, Icelandic football continues to be healthy and growing steadily. The team occupies third place in the 12-point ranking. The same as those who have France and Turkey, respectively the first and second strength of the group H. Only a slight goal difference keeps the Icelanders under Turkey, who will surely play everything for everything in the return match against the Turks (which anyway not I am from less). Key players for this national team continue to be the former Pescara Bjarnason and striker Sigthorsson. The strength of the team also lies in the fact that it keeps good elements on the bench.

The first match between the two teams ended with a 1-0 result in favor of the Icelanders. Going online in that game, Gundmundsson went.

Prediction Today: GG

Odds: 2.00