New York Islanders vs Edmonton Oilers Hockey Previews

Karpat vs Tappara

New York Islanders vs Edmonton Oilers Hockey Previews

New York Islanders vs Edmonton Oilers

The Islanders (1-1-0 2.5PA 1.5PP) got into a defensive game against Washington at its premiere and failed 1-2 at home to subsequently beat Winnipeg 4-1 in the same condition, the defense is fine and the Offensive he knew how to break the lines in his most recent commitment. The Oilers (2-0-0 4.5PA 3.5PP) have 2 victories in their first 2 commitments, both being home by 3-2 6-5 scorers, home victories against opponents well below such as Vancouver (3-2) and allowing 5 annotations to the “offensive” of Los Angeles … you should know my opinion.

When no one expected anything from them, the New York team was one of the best teams in the east with a fairly balanced offense and the best defense of all hockey with an average of 2.4 allowed by compromised match. Edmonton was next to his first 2 rivals this season 3 of the 4 worst teams in the conference this past season, his defense was averaging 3.4 scores.

Prediction Today: 1

Odds: 2.15

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