Karpat vs Tappara Hockey Previews

Karpat vs Tappara

Karpat vs Tappara Hockey Previews

In the two direct matches played this season, the balance was the order of the day. On Wednesday, on Oulun Energia Areena, Karpat vs Tappara will play in the strongest match of the round.

Karpat: Form of moment, last results, statistics

Leader of Finland, Karpat managed to find his nose after a good series of victories. It happened in the previous round, when in front of her was Ilves, a group in front of which she bowed with 1-2. It was a duel that he played as the host team. Despite this, she remains in first position, with 86 points, with an advance of ten lengths, but also a match less than the team in second place. He dominates almost every chapter, there he has the best defense, with 61 goals conceded.

Tappara: Form of moment, last results, statistics

In the pursuit of his rival, Tappara was in second place in Liiga, where he collected 76 points so far. He is only one length ahead of Ilves, the third-place team behind him. As it looks at the moment, it is difficult to get closer to the first position, with already ten points between them and an extra match played by the Tappara. In the previous stage they missed the opportunity to reduce this difference, considering that they lost 3-4 games with a few days left. Then it evolved home, where TPS Turku speculated every opportunity.

Karpat vs Tappara Picks

In the current season they met twice and Tappara was the one who prevailed on both occasions. 3-2 was the score every time, but as things currently look like, I’d bet more on a new balanced duel. We are talking about two teams that know how to defend themselves, although in the previous round they were defeated, I think we can call them surprises.

Prediction Today: Under 5.5

Odds: 1.47

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