FC Augsburg vs SC Freiburg Betting Tips & Predictions

FC Augsburg vs SC Freiburg

FC Augsburg vs SC Freiburg Betting Tips & Predictions

FC Augsburg vs SC Freiburg

And we go with this “safe” forecast in the Bundesliga, since I think that without a doubt the Augsburg comes much better to this match.

If we look at the table, the one that is better positioned is the Freiburg, today in the eighth position with 32 points, and only 3 of being able to enter at least the possibility of Europa league.
The Augburg is much lower, in the twelfth position with 26 points, that is, 6 below the Freiburg, and in a position where they are “away from the descent”, but also “away from the cup area,” which , they are in that “boring” half-board area.
The clashes between them, denote a favoritism for Freiburg, which has won in 10 of the 23 matches they faced.

However, something important that I see for this match is the fortress as a local Augsburg.
If we only see the matches between them where they have played on the Augsburg court, the results are clear:

  • 30/9/2018: win of Augsburg 4 to 1
  • 12/16/2017: draw 3 to 3
  • 18/3/2017: tie to 1
  • 10/25/2014: Augsburg victory 2 to 0
  • 14/9/2013: Augsburg victory 2 to 1
  • 12/1/2012: tie to 1
  • 6/6/2011: Draw 2 to 2
  • 23/9/2009: Augsburg victory 1 to 0
  • 14/9/2008: victory of Freiburg 3 to 1
  • 27/8/2007: tie to 1
  • 8/11/2006: Augsburg victory 2 to 0

That is, in short, of the 11 games there was only 1 VICTORY of Freiburg, and it was quite a while ago, in 2008. That is, that of the 10 victories of Augsburg 1 alone it was given as a visitor, and the rest ALL PLAYING LOCAL, which clearly shows that Freiburg is NOT a favorite playing visitor to Augsburg.

And what happened in the last Augsburg meetings?
Well, that of the last 5 matches as a tenant HAS WON 4: I hit Hertha 4 to 0, I beat Mainz 2 to 1, I hit Fortuna dusseldford 3 to 0, I lost to Borussia dortmund 5 to 3 and I beat Werder Bremen 2 to 1
That is, the only one who lost as a local of the last 5, went before a great like Borussia dortmund and even so it was a good game for Augsburg, since Borussia had to score 5 goals to be able to beat him, since Augsburg Marco 3, demonstrating that as locals they are a SUPEROFENSIVE TEAM, as seen in the goals they have been playing at home and in the 21 goals scored as home, being the sixth most leading team of the Bundesliga, playing in their House.

Freiburg matches as a visitor, A DISASTER: of the last 8 away matches for Bundesliga JUST WINS 1, to Mainz 2 to 1, in the rest, he lost 4 and tied 3.

Seeing these very clear numbers of a team as a local and the other as a visitor, it is clear that here we will have a VICTORY OF FC AUGSBURG.

Prediction Today: 1

Odds: 2.16

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