Serie A Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Serie A Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Serie A Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Inter Milan vs Napoli

Inter have two tough games left in Serie A … against Napoli on Tuesday and Atalanta on Sunday, and they will take care !!! since they will play the Europa league in 7 days with Getafe in Germany … that Inter is played in Serie A? … nothing … they have already won a ticket to the Champions, so they will not kill themselves this Tuesday against Napoli playing balls like crazy, Conte knows that his only chance to save the season, and win something, and not be left empty-handed, will be to win the Europa League, and he has a squad and players to do it, that’s why against Napoli they will take care and be Reserved in defense, Inter will seek to score their goal and control the rhythm of the match until the end … avoiding injuries … Inter will seek their goal. Napoli if they are looking to get into the Europa League, are in position 7 with 59 pts. and if they lose they will stay out of Europe so that Napoli will play a final this Tuesday, Gatusso will be practical, well stopped in defense and attack the counterattack, he will seek to score to win 0x1 … let’s hope for a Napoli with the same standing and ability who faced Barca for Champions, with two lines of 5 defenses when they lost the ball, so this game will be very closed, with few goals, whoever scores first will take care of his goal until the end.

Betting Tips: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 2.16

Parma vs Atalanta

Those of Bergamo will spend 100 goals in Serie A, no team from the last decades in Italy has achieved it, today they have 96 goals in 36 games, I think that in Parma Atalanta will score about 3 goals … in 36 dates played, 20 Atalanta’s games end with more than 3 goals, a high result since they are a team that scores many, but he always receives goals … from the first 4 clubs, he is the one with the worst defense, with 45 goals received in 36 games. Gollini always receives a goal … apart from Bergamo, he needs to find his rhythm to get well, soon to Lisbon … on August 12 they face PSG for the Champions … Gasperini will send his players to aim for the rival goal in Parma.
Parma is not playing anything anymore, the work is done, they saved the category, and to say goodbye to their last game at home, they will go out to score goals, although their scorer Cornelius will not be injured, Gervinho and Kulusevski will contribute their goals, let’s play a high of 3.5 goals that those of Atalanta seek to reach 100 goals in Parma since his last game will be more difficult to score because he plays with Inter in Bergamo.

Betting Tips: Over 3.5 goals
Odds: 2.00

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