Europa League Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Europa League Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Europa League Football Betting Tips and Predictions

FC Basel vs Eintracht Frankfurt

Why enter a line that a priori seems high but for me it is not? First, because Eintracht have to overcome a 0-3. It has with that, a priori was the favorite. Second because the two teams are very overs in their leagues. Third, because there is nothing better for a game with goals that the visitor does not close, but rather proposes how Eintracht is obliged.
Therefore, I find it very affordable to get a green here and the fee is unrelated, it is very high.

Betting Tips: Over 2.5 goals

Odds: 1.60

Bayer Leverkusen vs Rangers

Leverkusen plays at home, and coming from a league with more power will win this second game … since the 1×3 in Scotland almost solved this key, but the Aspirins will be careful, the Rangers of Steven Gerard, recently began the Premiership in Scotland, and they come from winning 0x1 and can travel to complicate in Leverkusen, with good players like the Romanian Hagi and the Colombian nine Morelos, so be careful, they have not played for several weeks, and they will not trust themselves, after marking the Leverkusen, they will play more horizontally than vertically and will control the rhythm of the match in their favor until the end …
Leverkusen of Peter Boz for facing Bayer Munich, Dortmund during his league, has made them grow, and be a more competitive team, and with the intention of winning this Europa league, in order to lift a title and play the Champions, but they would play cautiously against the Rangers, to retake the level in this round of the Europa League, rather than being played in Germany.

Betting Tips: 1

Odds: 1.63

Sevilla vs AS Roma

Roma arrive better, they bring a better offensive rhythm, also the weekend they go and beat Juve in Turin 1×3, in the last 5 games of Serie A, the best team in Italy was Roma, who won 4 and tied 1, where he scores 16 goals !!, but they receive 7 … and Sevilla must always be respected for its Prestige as the most winner in Europe league, and that the league finished well, arrives undefeated in its last 5 games, but Sevilla de Lopetegui He looks very reserved … he also puts a brake on his rhythm, they haven’t played an official match for two weeks, and although it seems little, that in football shows, the rhythm today is Laroma’s …

They will play in a neutral stadium, without an audience, both will be visitors, but Roma dares more because of the good offensive rhythm that it brings, it is expected, I think this game can be won by Roma 1×2, or it can end up tied 1×1, let’s play a double opportunity with Roma that DT Fonseca did not lower his foot on the accelerator.

Betting Tips: 2

Odds: 1.74

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