Europa League Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Europa League Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Europa League Football Betting Tips and Predictions

FC Basel vs Eintracht Frankfurt

Why enter a line that a priori seems high but for me, it is not? First, because Eintracht has to overcome a 0-3. It has with that, a priori was the favorite. Second, because the two teams are very overs in their leagues. Third, because there is nothing better for a game with goals that the visitor does not close, but rather proposes how Eintracht is obliged. Therefore, I find it very affordable to get green here and the fee is unrelated, it is very high.


Betting Tips: Over 2.5 goals

Odds: 1.48

Bayer Leverkusen vs Rangers

I find that I see that it can be several goals for the same proposal by Leverkusen to play their matches, the first leg ended 3 to 1 with the Germans visiting, so this key is practically sentenced. But Rangers with Steven Gerard as a coach has a very dynamic game that in combination with Leverkusen’s open game can give another similar score but reaching four goals. It may be a more open game than expected because the visit needs to go look for goals and they are with a little rhythm of competition since their tournament has already started and Leverkusen has not played for a month, so Rangers can compete tomorrow in good spirits shape.

Betting Tips: Over 3.5 goals

Odds: 2.60

Sevilla vs AS Roma

Undoubtedly the duel with more expectations for today concerning this resumption of the Europa League in a match that will be played on neutral ground and without the traditional round trip, so “the winner takes it everything”. As we all know, Sevilla is a winning team in this League, even though 3 years have passed since their last award; today they will face a Roma that ended its season in Serie A “at full throttle”, even beating Juve in the closing match, although certainly a fairly diminished Juve, but it is not undeniable that the Roman she-wolf is going through the excellent moment. The particularity of being a match to the death makes this match a commitment that should not leave room for speculation as it usually happens in the round-trip qualifiers, you have to put all the meat to the grill, so we will see a probably intense match with two great teams with practically equal chances of advancing to the quarterfinals. Anyone wins, but we will surely see goals and very likely from both sides.


Betting Tips: Both Teams Score

Odds: 1.65

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